Closing the Gender Gap in Oklahoma Politics

Women face more significant hurdles to entering the political process than men. These obstacles are both real and perceived. Women are much less likely to run without being asked and are less likely to be recruited to run for elected office. More importantly, women are less likely to see themselves as qualified to run, even women at the top of their fields. The barriers to closing the gender gap are significant, but there is a path forward. When women are asked, they are more than three times as likely to consider a run.

This is why – Sally’s List Asks.


Sally’s List fills a critical gap in the process.

  • We identify progressive women all over Oklahoma.
  • We ask them to consider running.
  • We teach them how to get elected.

Sally’s List prepares candidates, trains campaign staff, and hosts networking events that help remove the real and perceived barriers that often prevent women from running.

its-just-coffeeIt’s Just Coffee:

It’s Just Coffee is exactly what it sounds like! This is an opportunity for women to gather, to connect, and to engage in conversation about Sally’s List’s work and how they can get involved.

candidate-trainingCandidate Training:

The decision to run for office can be overwhelming. That’s why Sally’s List is here to prepare women to run smart, viable campaigns. We offer workshops that introduce potential candidates to the nuts and bolts of the campaign process, as well as intensive one-on-one training.

advocacy-electionsCampaign Staff Training:

Candidates do not run alone. They need an experienced team to help them run a successful campaign. Sally’s List provides training opportunities to individuals who want to make a difference and support progressive change in Oklahoma.

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