Sally’s List and the Legacy of Public Service in Oklahoma

Historically, Oklahoma has been a powerful incubator of progressive change. Our culture is deeply rooted in the belief that if you work hard, play by the rules, and take care of your neighbors our state and her people will flourish. Early Oklahoma visionaries made waves that left a legacy of service embedded in our communities.

These leaders recognized the fiscal and social value of ensuring a better quality of life for all Oklahomans. Even before statehood, it was women who pioneered causes that improved and enriched the lives of Oklahomans.

From criminal justice reform to civil rights, this state has led the charge for community-oriented policies, with its women standing at the helm. Kate Barnard, Alice Mary Robertson, Clara Luper, Wilma Mankiller, and many others built a foundation that guarantees every Oklahoman matters and their voices are heard.

This legacy of strong and forward thinking women continues with Sally’s List Candidates.

Our Legacy

  • Our progressive spirit shines when regular citizens and educators alike gather at the Capitol to advocate for funding of public education.
  • It is evident when businesses and nonprofits encourage lawmakers to vote against a hateful and discriminatory legislation, ensuring that Oklahoma’s economy and its people are protected.
  • It is apparent when Oklahomans take action by speaking up for their right to access quality and comprehensive healthcare for themselves and their communities.

This legacy doesn’t stop at the state level. Oklahoma City and Tulsa are excellent examples of cities making investments in the future of their residents. Their development initiatives show how a unified vision can revive communities, provide jobs and spur growth.

Even today, it is the value of serving others in our state that leads the way for a better future for all Oklahomans. Our state has a culture of service, and it is serving the people of this state that drive Sally’s List to work towards our vision of equal representation.

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