Stay tuned for our 2018 Endorsements!

In addition to recruiting and training, Sally’s List selectively endorses legislative candidates from across the state. Endorsements are based on responses to a questionnaire sent to all female legislative candidates and an analysis of demonstrated effort and viability through voter contact and fundraising. For current legislators, endorsements are determined based on performance and voting record on our Unifying Issues. Being trained by Sally’s List is not a guarantee of an endorsement.


This year Oklahoma saw an increase in the number of women running for office. We are pleased to announce that for the 2016 general election the Sally’s List board is endorsing the following 15 women:

Representative Claudia Griffith- HD45

Meloyde Blancett- HD78*  

Rhonda Cox- SD3* 

Liz George- HD42*

Judy Mullen Hopper- SD47

Dianna Phillips- HD66*

Melissa Tilley- HD50

Lori Decter Wright- HD67*

*Indicates Sally’s List Trained Candidate

Representative Cyndi Munson- HD85

Carol Bush- HD70* 

Karen Gaddis- HD75

Rhonda Harlow- SD19

Elizabeth Larios- HD54*

Leah Pollan- SD43*

Misty Warfield- HD82* 

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