Equal Representation for Women in Oklahoma is Critical

Sally’s List is committed to making Oklahoma’s Legislature more reflective of the people it serves. Women serving in office are key to a government that supports its people in health, education, and a strong economy. Currently women are 12.8% of Oklahoma’s legislative body, yet make up over half of the general population.

We are here to change that.

Oklahomans are suffering. Short-sighted decisions, lack of fiscal responsibility, and policies that disproportionately impact those who can least afford it have left us at the bottom and top of the wrong lists. Oklahoma women, children, and families are being abused by the very people sworn to serve them.

This is not what our state stands for.

Currently Oklahoma ranks 48th in the nation overall for women’s health, economic opportunity, and leadership. Unfortunately, this is only one disturbing statistic our state faces. In addition to not being supportive of our women, we also fall short in the following categories:

  • 48th in teacher pay
  • 48th in quality of education
  • 48th in per pupil expenditure
  • 1st in female incarceration
  • 6th in women killed by intimate partners
  • 41st in infant mortality
  • 44th in number of insured
  • 48th in number of primary care physicians (per 100,000 citizens)
  • 11th in unemployment
  • 40th in child poverty

This does not reflect Oklahoma’s values.

These embarrassing statistics are only compounded with the fact that Oklahoma is facing a record budget shortfall, defunding vital programs that are meant to invest in and encourage the state’s most vulnerable. Cutting vital tax credits, while slashing services for families and working people, yet still protecting massive tax breaks for big business, does not sustain a robust economy. It is fiscally irresponsible to neglect core services like education, healthcare, and infrastructure. We need elected officials that take care of the communities they serve.

Oklahoma needs more women.

Progressive women in public office are key to a government that supports its citizens in health, education, and strengthens the economy. Sally’s List knows that electing more women will change Oklahoma and the conversation.

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