Women who run for office change their communities.
They redefine what's possible. They realign priorities. They change the world.

Female Legislators

Women lawmakers are more likely to work across the aisle, listen to the concerns of everyone they represent, build better alliances, and effectively pass legislation. Women change the conversation, they change the landscape, and they change the agenda – crafting and passing legislation that improves the lives of everyone in their communities. Simply put, women get more done.

Women in Oklahoma are severely underrepresented. Though women are 51% of the overall population, women make up only 12.8% of our state legislature. That ranks Oklahoma at 48th in the nation.

Sally’s List is determined to see equal representation in Oklahoma’s State Legislature. Our vision is to see a state political system that supports its people in health, education, and a strong economy.

Our Mission

Recruit, train, and help elect progressive women to public office in Oklahoma.


Since 2010, Sally’s List has prepared candidates and campaign staff to run viable campaigns, and advocated for progressive change in Oklahoma. A nonpartisan organization, Sally’s List seeks out women who know the importance of investing in public education, healthcare, a strong economy and other community-building issues.

Our training and mentorship programs help women remove the barriers which prevent them from making an impact in their communities.

Imagine an Oklahoma where:


Everyone’s voice counts

Everyone has access to health care

Public schools are adequately funded

Equal pay for equal work is a reality

Hunger is eliminated

The economy is strong and diverse

Oklahomans are safe

The state legislature reflects Oklahoma





Carol Bush’s roots run deep in the community. Born and raised in Tulsa, she attended both public and private schools and received her degree in business from Oral Roberts University. Carol is the proud mother of two daughters, Moriah and Nicole. Her years of service to the Tulsa community in public health and crime prevention were inspired by the life lessons she learned from her parents, whose work positively impacted the health and economic growth of Tulsa. Hard work and giving back to the community is a way of life for Carol. (More Information)




Liz George is a fifth generation Oklahoman. She grew up in Blanchard, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Cameron University. After graduating in 2007, Liz and her husband David moved back to their hometown of Blanchard. Liz went on to attend and graduate with top honors from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 2011. She currently works as an attorney at Crowe & Dunlevy, PC. (More Information)

Want to help us get more women elected to office in Oklahoma? You can work on a campaign, make calls for your favorite candidate, attend a Sally’s List networking event, or use your voice to advocate. Learn more about out all the ways to participate on our Get Involved page. Learn more about out all the ways to participate!

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